Frequently Asked Questions

How do i connect to a website through a tile?
You can connect to Rest in Memory using two technologies. The first one is the QR Code, an image in black and white that - using the camera of a smartphone - refers to an internet site. The second one is NFC, cutting-edge technology that allows you to connect your smartphone simply laying it on the RIM Tile. The RIM Tile is equipped with both technologies: the user can choose the one that he prefers to use.
What type of smartphone reads QR Code and NFC?
All smartphones can read the QR Code, thanks to a free app. At this time, the QR Code is the easiest and most popular way to link an object to a website. The NFC tecnhology is within many next-generation smartphone: find out on the manufacturer's website if yours is equipped with this technology.
What kind of content can be upload on Rest in Memory?
Pictures and text documents can be uploaded. A video and audio platform will come in the near future.
Who can manage content of a Rest in Memory webpage?
Each Rim Tile comes with a secret ID and a Password that will give access to a private administration webpage.
How to upload photos and documents on a Rest in Memory page?
A private control panel on will allow content upload and page management. A login with ID/Password will be required to access the control panel.
How to access a page dedicated to a passed away person?
A Rest in Memory page can only be accessed through the RIM Tile placed on the tombstone. However, the private link of the page can also be sent to distant relatives with no access to the RIM Tile.
Who can see a page on Rest in Memory?
Rest in Memory pages can be accessed via the RIM Tile. The administrator of the page can choose to allow public access or keep it private: in case of private access, each user will be required to answer a secret question, strictly related to the history of the family (eg: the name of his great grandfather, the day of their wedding, the special dish that our grandmother cooked, the maiden name or other similar questions)
How much does the Rest in Memory subscription cost?
The RIM Tile with QR Code and NFC, the access codes and the online space can be purchased at 96 €. A family package is also available (one QR Code to connect up to ten pages) for the price of 156 €.
I bought the basic RIM package, can I upgrade to family package?
Yes, you can upgrade to the family package at any time. To do this, just go to your profile and follow the instructions.
How long does Rest in Memory subscription last?
It will last forever(*).
(* the lawyers said we can't promise infinity, but you get the gist.)
Rest in Memory is a religious service?
Rest in Memory highly respects any religion, but in no way it is related to any of them.
Is it possible to upload any kind of photos and documents?
Rest In Memory do not control or moderate the content uploaded by users. Customers/users are legally responsible for each content they upload on Rest in Memory.